Traditional Media Oriented English Learning

Traditional Media Oriented English Learning


In this age, a correct and high-efficient media source is significantly import.

Thus I choose to read more media with objective facts rather than these with subjective propaganda opinions. Facts are not Opinions. That's obvious.

Some articles on Internet have paywalls, since my AdGuard refused to bypass it, I decide to make my own one.

Pirate New York Times

Enhanced Blocklist

Using Inclusive Language.

As Cisco recommended, contents should be free of offensive or suggestive language, graphics, and scenarios.

We use "Blocklist" instead of "Blacklist" at here. provides a lot of blocklists against paywalls and advertisements.

Paywall JavaScript Blocking

As we know, most paywall were powered by JavaScript. And blocks AFTER the page was rendered. (This is to let web crawlers to get the content on it).

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