NSA 棱镜门与上游监听

NSA 棱镜门与上游监听计划





How likely is it that CloudFlare is an NSA operation?

Cloudflare's business model is to be a Man-In-The-Middle for every DNS Query and every HTTP Transaction. This makes it very suspicious and makes me think of Cloudflare as providing NSA or other security agencies access to the data and logs they collect. HOW? No matter how secure your cloudflare based website is for the entire world, at cloudflare datacenters its all Naked. All the encryption and protection ends there and data is re-encrypted before sending to the origin servers/users. So, you are fully secured from 3rd parties, but fully naked for them. Security Agencies know this. So, I would say, it is VERY LIKELY that either Cloudflare is an NSA project, or it is actively providing data to NSA or other agencies. Look at the cloudflare products, and decide for yourself:Free Secure “DNS Directory”.Free DNS, with DNS over HTTPS.Free CDN.Free SSL certificates (SSL terminates at their data centers. They can see you.)Zero-Margin Domain Registrar, means bigger piece of the DNS cake.For all the above security related offerings... you are being protected from the entire world, but at cloudflare datacenters everything is being decrypted and visible. Considering the above points, Cloudflare can make it easy for agencies to do the surveillance at massive scale while at the same time preventing other country governments to do the same because of “Everything-Single-Thing-Over-Encrypted-Connection”.


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